How do you access and protect your data? With the innovative enterprise class solutions and expert guidance at Orange County Online, you have the power to design the perfect cloud-based solutions for your actual needs. Put an end to imperfect compromises when it comes to your cloud adoption. It's time to explore the ideal balance between accessibility, flexibility, convenience, security, and cost. We’re here to guide the way.


Private Cloud

Dedicated to your business, our Private Cloud solutions give you ultimate control over your data. The Private Cloud provides the agility and accessibility of the public cloud with options like the protection of a single-tenant dedicated environment or secure shared platforms. Blending the best of both worlds, you’ll access your data whenever and wherever you need it, but enjoy the same peace of mind as if it were stored right there in your own office. With the ultimate flexibility found only in the cloud, you can scale up or down depending on your needs.

Hybrid Cloud

Unique needs. Tailored solutions. We can help you find the right mix of service for the best combination of productivity, ROI and Security. Not all businesses can or should operate solely on a private cloud solution. Even more common, most businesses shouldn’t operate entirely on the public cloud. Hybrid Cloud solutions allow you to make the decisions that are right for your company’s needs by finding the right balance of private cloud security, public cloud applications and commodity cloud storage.

Desktop as a Service

Cost. Security. Control. DaaS puts the power in your hands. Manage how your employees interact with your company’s information. Restrict access as necessary to comply with compliance restrictions. Save money with countless desktops accessible on the minimum number of terminals. With DaaS, your team only sees the information relevant to their duties, and you’ll never be concerned about whether it’s being downloaded for unapproved use.

Virtual Private Servers

Private servers. Ultimate dependability. Whether you’re in need of single tenant or shared hardware solutions, virtual servers help to ensure your company’s information is scalable, protected, and available from anywhere. Additionally, our replicated virtual server options give you continued accessibility, so you’ll never be concerned about losing productivity during routine maintenance or unexpected hiccups.


Data control and management. Let’s explore how a centralized approach to tidying up your data center infrastructure can change the way you do business.


Local Cloud


Let OCO help you to lower your company’s IT costs while simplify your company’s IT needs.