Our approach to managed services is simple: we deliver customer success services. Through our partnership with Zephyr Networks, we ensure your business systems are deployed and implemented properly, monitored 24/7 for problems and anomalies, and remediated quickly if something goes wrong. Our goal is supporting simplicity for the end user and transparency for management. From proper documentation to ongoing support services, our teams ensure your business has the tools it needs for ultimate productivity.


Remote Management and Monitoring

The latest tools are essential for the reliability and security of your network, but those tools lose their power if not managed and monitored. Professional remote management and monitoring not only ensures your network is secure; it also gives you valuable insights into your vulnerabilities, including which employees pose the highest risk and require more training.

Business Continuity

If the worst happens, do you know the plan for getting back up and running? With our business continuity services, we develop your recovery plan and train your team, so as to minimize any downtime. From ensuring your backup services are in line with your business model to implementing essential redundancies in your network, you can breathe easy, knowing that you’re protected.

Consulting Services

Get all the benefits of a professional CIO and IT team without the enormous cost. Navigating through today’s technology climate can be overwhelming. The experts at Zephyr Network act as an extension of your team. Together, we create an IT plan that addresses your unique needs, while optimizing your resources.

Local Cloud

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