Last year, organizations faced over three billion cyber attacks, and those attacks get more sophisticated with each passing year. In today’s global marketplace, online security is at the forefront of our minds because any unaddressed vulnerability may become the entry point for a hacker or cyber criminal. Orange County Online understands the importance of securing your data, and we offer full-service, customized packages based on your needs. Get started with a risk analysis, and take the first step towards real peace-of-mind.


Data Center Security

Your security is our priority. Security starts at the data center, so we’ve armed each of our buildings with state-of-the-art backups, protocols, and redundancies. With 24/7 staff, camera surveillance, and code-based access, we ensure you’re the only one who accesses your servers. Back-up power supplies and multi-level temperature controls create layers of protection, so your information is safe and accessible no matter the circumstances.

Network Security

We look at security as a priority in everything we touch. Our next-gen firewalls take our security to the next level within our data centers, and our security options allow you to prevent attacks before they happen. Using forward thinking partners such as ThreatStop, Safe-T and OpenDNS, we give you options to help block both known and emerging threats, such as ransomware, malware, and botnets. We take your security seriously, so you can focus on your business.

Safe-T Secure Data Access and Secure Data Exchange

Overcome the challenges of providing simple and transparent access to internet facing services, while effectively combatting cyber-attacks and threats. OCO is one of the few partners chosen to offer Safe-T’s disruptive, breakthrough, and patented secure reverse-access technology. Safe-T’s security solutions offer a paradigm shift in the way businesses secure access to critical applications and data through the internet. Rethink your business’ exposure to hackers by securing your internet facing solutions. Evolve past old fashioned VPN solutions with an advanced software-defined perimeter (SDP) and logical segmentation solution, purpose-built to create a bulletproof data center perimeter that protects all applications while enabling access.


Security isn’t only a good business decision; it’s often also required by law. FFIEC, HIPAA, PCI, and SEC regulations outline strict rules for how you must store, access, and share your clients’ sensitive information. With packages custom-tailored for the regulations you face, OCO offers top-of-the-line compliance solutions that protect both you and your clients.

Bandwidth Monitoring

Going over your bandwidth package isn’t just expensive; it could also be a sign of a security breach. If your network is being attacked or flooded, you need to know. Bandwidth monitoring alerts you of any significant changes in your bandwidth usage, so you can identify the cause of the problem as quickly as possible.

Remote Management & Monitoring

The latest security tools are essential for protecting your network, but without proper management and monitoring, they lose a great deal of their power. Professional remote management and monitoring not only ensures your network is secure; it also gives you valuable insights into your vulnerabilities.

Small Business Self-Managed Security Pack

In an effort to help our small business partners with limited resources find an affordable way to get to complete security, OCO has partnered with our vendors to build the first self-managed small business security pack. We give you the tools to manage your network on a professional level for a fraction of the cost of having managed service providers do so. We have concocted a stack of services that provides full spectrum protection, remote access, automatic patching and online backups so that management can monitor and prevent security related problems. The stack includes:

  • LogMeIn – Remote Access and Monitoring
  • Kaspersky Labs – Antivirus
  • Automatic Security Updates
  • LastPass – Business Managed Secure Password Management
  • Cisco OpenDNS – Web and Content Filtering
  • Safe-T SDE – Secure email and data exchange

Pricing begins at $12 per user per month and supports both Mac and PC solutions.

Local Cloud

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